CBD The New Hot and Totally Unregulated Supplement

Gaining popularity with the consumer pursuing alternative remedies, the rise of CBD supplements has skyrocketed in the past few years. CBD can be used in every product imaginable. However, some consumers may still be asking: “What is CBD? And why should it matter to me?” CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol1 . This component is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. Marijuana can also come from the Cannabis sativa plant (as well as the Cannabis indica plant). Dierent strains of these plants will yield either high quantities of CBD or THC. The dierence between CBD and THC is that CBD by itself is not a hallucinogenic and does not cause the consumer to develop a high. Consumers reach for CBD for a variety of numerous health reasons such as pain relief, lowering anxiety, as a sleep aid, and treating some underlying chronic illnesses1 . Though many benets still have to be researched, discovered, and validated, the use of CBD oils and products have a strong following.


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