Can CBD help the YIPS? Analyzing Its Effectiveness

Golf probably more than any other sport is a mental game and, it is estimated that the majority of golfers have at times had involuntary wrist spasms when trying to putt or chip.  Known as the Yips since the 1927 coining of the phrase by Tommy Armour, the condition, also known as a form of focal dystonia, has ended or variably affected the careers of some of the greatest golfers of all time:  Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Tom Watson and more.

The Complexity of the Yips: A Psychological and Physical Phenomenon

While many consider the Yips to be an anxiety-related condition, it is very much more complicated. It is likely a complex psychological and physical phenomenon, initially triggered by pressure and stress (performance anxiety), and then reinforced by doubt and fear of repeated failure, rarely if ever seen during practice. While the uncontrollable, involuntary movements (twitches, spasms, tremors, shakes) can occur with a full swing, they are most often associated with the short game (putting and chipping) due to the requirement of repetitive fine motor movements. The abnormal, unpredictable movements will be seen in the fingers, hand, wrists, or forearms.

Diverse Approaches to Treating the Yips: From Mindfulness to Medical Interventions

The best evidence that the Yips have a complicated source is the range of recommendations and advice that has been espoused and tried for their treatment. Those that believe that they are largely anxiety induced have variably suggested alcohol, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, visualization, breathing exercises, and anxiolytics (CBD). Others have focused on elements of the stroke that they believe may predispose to the Yips, especially in the presence of anxiety, recommending: focus on the ball and not a technique; a change in grip (left-hand low for right-handed golfers and vice versa; the claw, the saw; or changing putters and/or their length; or eyes closed, eyes at target, back to target. For the most afflicted, beta-blockers, botulinum toxin injections of the twitching muscles (BotoxÒ) and even surgery have been tried.

The Role of CBD products in Managing Yips: A Promising, Available Option

Most recognize that there is no cure, but merely hope to decrease their severity and/or frequency. Recognizing the near-constant element of anxiety in the appearance and persistence of the Yips, we believe that CBD (cannabidiol) should be given a try. The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned performance-enhancing drugs in 2018, as long as the THC content is less than 0.3%. It very well may calm and clear your mind.

Pin High CBD: High-Quality, Pure Isolate for Effective Treatment of Yips

Pin High CBD is made from only high-quality, organic hemp, using the best extraction techniques, and is a pure CBD isolate, as opposed to full or broad-spectrum hemp. Our CBD contains no terpenes, no flavonoids, and most importantly no psychoactive THC. We will only sell high mg concentrations to ensure that a clinical effect is anticipated, and all of our non-topical products are CBD tincture only to ensure maximum absorption.

In addition to a calming, and focus-enhancing effect, CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory compound and will lessen the aches and pains that golf invariably produces and will enhance recovery.  Be calm(er), play more, and maybe even better!

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