Cold Weather Golf – Avoiding Discomfort

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It’s December and for most of the country, it is cold! As an avid golfer, you already know playing golf when it’s under 50’-especially with a brisk wind is challenging.

The cold impairs one’s body’s ability to function efficiently by requiring more energy to maintain a normal body temperature. A cold body tends to adjust to keep the core temperature consistent – the limb muscles then lose heat from the constrained blood flow.

Muscles in your legs and arms will have slower reaction times and lose their suppleness making them more prone to injury. Further, cold weather can aggravate existing injuries as the cold weather tends to cause muscles and tendons to tighten.

Knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows are at-risk muscle groups when in cold conditions and all are part of a well-executed golf swing.

What can a player do to continue to play the sport they love even during the coldest of days? Some suggestions:

  • Take time to stretch and warm up inside. Stretching will help the body get the blood flowing before that first tee shot. Some light cardio and dynamic stretches will reward your game and your body.
  • Dress in layers and avoid cotton clothes. Cotton traps moisture and can lower your body temperature when exposed to the cold air.
  • Wear a warm beanie. The head loses the most heat when it’s cold even if you wear multiple layers.  Going hatless or wearing a cotton baseball cap won’t keep your body warm.  Instead, the ski cap is a much better option.
  • Hydrate with water when playing. Alcohol at low or moderate consumption causes veins to dilate, increasing blood flow to the extremities. Even though you may feel warmer you really aren’t, and at higher levels of consumption, alcohol causes veins to constrict, decreasing blood flow to your extremities, and risking hypothermia.
  • Utilize an aerosol CBD or muscle cream from Pin High CBD immediately after or even during the round. These can provide rapid relief of soreness, aches, & pains in the muscles during cold weather. The topical cream features the highest concentration of pure CBD while the aerosol spray is easier to apply.  Both are strong and nearly immediate acting anti-inflammatories.

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying the game you love. Take these proper precautions and swing within yourself.

Cold Weather Golf – Avoiding Discomfort


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