Pin High CBD – Helping You and Helping the Environment 

Did you know all aerosol cans create potentially harmful environmental effects? The chemical inside can be toxic to our soil,  the air we breathe, and the water we drink. Further, the bottles can create pollution-a leading cause of global warming and acid rain.

Pin High CBD, a leader in CBD products for golf and other active lifestyle pursuits offers a unique aerosol topical delivery system that redefines the category for focal pain. Delivering on the brand’s leadership position in the industry, Pin High CBD’s spray has no parabens or synthetic fragrances. Their natural anti-inflammatory that can be used up to four times daily- helps to alleviate local muscle or joint pain.

Its active ingredients are simply CBD, Menthol and Ethyl Alcohol. Independent lab testing testifies to it being 100% free of THC.

Eliminating any negative effects on the environment has been a laser focus for Pin High. Global warming is real and our planet is the only one we have. Being caretakers for our planet, and alleviating the pain that sports like golf can create is a delicate balance that Pin High has successfully achieved with their 750 MG CBD Aerosol natural anti-inflamatory.

For a certificate of analysis, label info and to purchase this highly-effective and safe product visit

We hope 2023 is the beginning of a better tomorrow for us all, and may the earth and world become a safer place.

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