PIN HIGH CBD DIGEST: An Inside Look At The Pin High CBD Culture.

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An Inside Look At The Pin High CBD Culture.

Golf is hard enough. Having less pain and being calm(er) will enable peak performance.

I, in fact, am not a salesman at all. I am a former caddie, retired Vascular Surgeon and longtime avid golfer. Four years ago, I had the good fortune and unique opportunity to be exposed to the early science of hemp and started using very pure, high concentrations of CBD for back pain and other typical surgeon (and golfer) discomforts- neck, elbows, shoulders. Already retired, but still with pain, I discovered that I had significant relief, a calmer personality (welcomed by many) and enhanced focus on the golf course. As long as I did not make an entirely awful swing, I would have no pain with or after golf, and tournament anxieties were gone.

With the guidance and wisdom of industry veterans and scientists, we decided to start our own company, and from the outset knew that we were entering an industry that would be challenging as it is essentially unregulated. We would make no claims that were not scientifically sound, and based on my early experience, would only make pure, high mg content compounds in formulations that have the greatest absorption- tinctures and topicals. Our highest quality starts with specially selected organic farms, includes state of the art extraction and processing, and independent third party laboratory generated certificates of authenticity.

High mg content compounds, and high bioavailability formulations as tinctures and topicals reflects our desire to give the user the greatest chance of obtaining clinical benefit. It is all about bioavailability, the proportion of a substance or drug that ultimately enters the bloodstream to have an active, desired effect. Accordingly, Pin High CBD has no gummies, no teas and no bath salts! Given that the best way to provide purity is by isolate, all of our products are extracted as isolates, as opposed to full or broad spectrum preparations and have zero THC. We will only sell products that we use daily.

If you are unfamiliar, CBD has very strong anti-inflammatory properties, has a general calming, anti-anxiety effect, and is not psychoactive. As a cream or aerosol, it is very effective for local areas of discomfort from arthritis or overuse. While many companies claim CBD can be a sleep aid, invariably adding THC or melatonin, we believe it is generally non-sedating. We instead recommend our CBN tincture to aid sleep, as CBN is considered to be the most sedating of the over 110 compounds from the hemp plant.

The Pin High CBD website,, is intended to be educational and transparent. We hope you will visit the site, learn a little and discover how we are striving to be different.

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Michael Jon Cohen MD

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