“Generally speaking, you’re nervous if you’re not prepared.”  Jack Nicklaus


From causing back pain, to overuse injuries of the shoulders, elbows and wrist due to the strain of repetition on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, not to mention the anxiety and stress of individual shots and competition, it is indeed fascinating that golf is so cherished by so many.

Experience the transformative potential of CBD as a remedy for golf yips, including chipping yips and putting yips, to enhance your game and regain control with confidence.

It would seem that a remedy that reportedly could diminish pain, enhance recovery from overuse, diminish stress and anxiety, create a sense of calm and chill especially in the face of adversity, and increase focus could provide a benefit and a significant edge.

There is increasing evidence, from the experiences of many, that it could be CBD.


There are multiple reports of the increasing use of CBD on the PGA Tour.  After the World Anti-doping Agency removed CBD from its prohibited lists in 2018, The PGA Tour allowed its use.  In April 2019, in a letter to the players, cautioning them to carefully select the products they use, the Tour stated:  “The FDA, DEA, and private organizations including Major League Baseball (MLB) have conducted tests on CBD and ‘THC-Free’ products only to find significant levels of psychoactive (and prohibited) THC or falsely labeled amounts of CBD.”  This concern stemmed from the then, and continuing, lack of regulation in the industry.

A digital article published by GolfWorld.com in June 2019 stated that according to tour players, caddies and coaches, Golf Digest reported 15-20 players, or more were routinely using CBD products on the PGA Tour.  It has also been estimated that the number on the Champions Tour is as high as 75%.

At the present time, multiple players, including Bubba Watson, Darren Clarke, Charley Hoffman and Lucas Glover have CBD related sponsorships, attesting to any earlier fears being erroneous and the importance of knowing your source.

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